About our Assessment Services

A question that we often get from advisors is "How am I doing?" Because most advisors only have knowledge of their own practice, it is hard for them to put their own experience into context. They may wonder how the value of their practice compares to their peers, if they have good systems and procedures in place, and/or if they are handling the recruiting, hiring, compensating of their staff members correctly.

To help answer these questions, we have developed a number of assessments where our experts gather data about your practice and then provide you with specific answers about how your practice is performing. Our specific assessment services are listed below.

Business Valuations


The value of your financial planning practice may in fact be your largest asset. Understanding what drives this value is critical to making good business decisions.

Our M&A Experts have helped hundreds of financial advisors determine the market value of their practice. This information is important to help advisors become more strategic about their time, business investments, and future plans.

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Quick Online Assessment


Our online practice assessment was designed for advisors who are interested in exploring our services but don't know where to begin. This assessment requires less than 20 minutes and is meant to provide a high-level overview of the advisor's practice to identify strength and weaknesses. The KMG team will then make recommendations to help you determine if our services are right for your business.

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Human Resources Assessment


If you are an advisor who has recently hired an Associate Financial Advisor or other support staff, we strongly recommend that you have an HR Assessment completed to ensure that your practice is in compliance with state and federal laws. In addition, you will be confident that you are following protocol and best practices as an employer.

Our HR Experts can fill the void for financial advisory practices who are not quite confident in all of the HR requirements. We complete a detailed end-to-end assessment of your HR situation and provide detailed, actionable advice for how to bring your practice into compliance, as well as strategies for finding, onboarding, compensating, incentivising the right types of talent that you need to move your practice forward.

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In-Depth Practice Assessment


Our In-Depth Practice Assessment was designed for advisors who would like a fresh set of eyes on their practice. We complete a detailed evaluation of your practice - including a thorough review of the roles and responsibilities of each individual on your team. During this process, we identify your strengths and drill down to specific areas that need improvement. We then provide an analysis of our findings with specific recommendations.

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