Advisors need to know their current situation before they can make informed decisions about where they need to go next. For this reason, we have developed three distinct types of assessments to help advisors understand their starting place. Our role in the Assess process is to learn more about your business and your goals. We apply a fresh set of eyes on your practice and combine that with our industry expertise. We help you gain valuable insight and clear direction so that you can move forward with informed decisions. Advisors always report feeling a new sense of clarity and focus after completing the assessment phase.

Types of Practice Assessments

Want to know the fair market value of your practice?

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Valuation Business Valuation

Interested in services, but not sure where to begin?

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Online Assessment Quick Online Assessment

Ready to do a deep-dive into your practice?

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InDepth Assessment In-Depth Practice Assessment

Need help managing your Human Resources?

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HR Assessment Comprehensive Human Resources Assessment

Every advisory practice has strengths and weaknesses. The problem is that advisors tend to gravitate towards their strengths and neglect other areas that are critical for success. Over time, practices find themselves unable to reach the highest levels of success because they are stuck doing things the way they have always done them.

We have worked with hundreds of financial advisors, and we know the key activities required to develop a world-class financial advisory practice. While each advisor will execute the key activities a little bit differently, the fundamental elements must be present in order to create a consistent, repeatable, and scalable businesses.

Over the past decade, as we worked with advisors, we found that many who had built great businesses still neglected another critical strategic area - ensuring that their business could survive without them. As a result, over the past few years we have added an additional key area - "Continuity and Legacy Planning" - to provide the necessary resources to help advisors protect, value, and transition their businesses.

In the "identify" state of the process, we analyze the areas in which your practice is very strong and identify the areas that need attention. We evaluate these six key areas:

Six Key Areas of Practice Management

  • Vision & FoundationVision & Foundation
  • Team ManagementTeam Management
  • The Client ExperienceThe Client Experience
  • Marketing & AcquisitionMarketing & Acquisition
  • Business ManagementBusiness Management
  • Legacy PlanningLegacy Planning

We understand that each practice is unique. Advisors have different preferences and personalities - some advisors need an accountability partner, while others need a systems expert. Some advisors just want someone who they can bounce ideas off of, while other advisors want someone to come in and completely manage their day-to-day operation. That is why we have coaches from all different backgrounds representing a broad array of coaching styles and of expertise including: personnel management, business strategy, financial plan operations, technology, acquisitions and mergers, and more.

At the Core of Each Service is a Relationship Built On Trust

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