Our Partners

Bank Financing

Key Management Group works with financing partners who are experts in the sale of financial advisory practices.

Our partners can help you determine which type of financing you are eligible for, and they can help you understand the standard terms of a deal. If you would like to be contacted by our partners, please complete the form below.

Live Oak Bank

Live Oak Bank's mission is to create an unprecedented banking experience for small business owners nationwide, through service and technology. They focus on innovation in finance and technology, bringing efficiency and excellence to the lending process.



Oak Street Funding

Oak Street Funding Oak Street Funding is an expert in specialty financing. Oak Street partners with insurance businesses, registered investment advisors (RIAs), certified public accountants (CPAs) and franchise restaurants under the First Franchise Capital brand, as well as third-party servicing for commercial, specialty financing portfolios. Since 2003, we have been successful nationwide in fulfilling the unique capital needs for these cash flow-based industries while providing extraordinary service to our borrowers.



PPC Loan

PPC Loan has earned its reputation by consistently providing the highest level of personalized service and the most attractive loan terms available in your industry.




Kotz-Sangster Law Firm

Kotz-Sangster is a business law firm concentrating on the representation of middle market companies and their business interests.


Quantitative Research


At Helios, we aim to take emotion and impulse out of investment decisions. Instead, we enable the compounding power of time to empower our processes so you can focus on your clients. Regardless of the market’s performance, our unique data-driven algorithms aim to grow your clients’ wealth and take advantage of market opportunities when they arise.