Marjorie Larson, CFP®

“KMG analyzed our client base, our investment practice and our individual strengths and weaknesses and provided a disciplined methodology for client management. Their tracking tools have led to consistent growth in both our client base and assets under management.”

Michael Eldridge, CFP®

“KMG’s team has been a critical component in creating systems, discovering opportunities, and developing strategic plans for our team.”

Stuart K. Lane, ChFC®, CRPC®, CLU®, CLTC®

“I expected good things when we committed to work together. I can say without reservation that you and your team have consistently exceeded my expectations.”

Andrew M. Huggins, CFP®

“KMG has done for us what we do for our clients every day. We believe that balanced planning leads to balanced living, and we focus our company’s efforts on helping our clients in this way. Now that we are working with KMG, my team and I can enjoy a better quality of life too.”

Christopher Millio, CRPC®

“Just like we tell our clients, we are here to motivate, encourage, and hold them accountable to accomplish what they may not be able to accomplish on their own. Tony and his team are helping us do exactly that in our practice!“

Christopher Hostetler, CFP®

“We have been working with KMG since January of 2009 and continue to see more value in the relationship. Countless times, someone in our office has wondered aloud: How does KMG have time to do all this stuff? I know the answer is organization, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. KMG holds us accountable according to the business goals we have set. Not only are they mindful of our needs as business owners, but also the needs of our clients. KMG’s process is strategic and creative, but is also detailed in implementation and follow-up. We are very glad we have chosen to work with KMG.“

Chris Reynolds, CFP®, ChFC®

“We recently completed our first year with KMG. The systems, personnel, accountability, and efficiencies have made a world of difference for me, my staff and my clients. I would highly recommend anyone that doesn't feel that their practice is "hitting on all cylinders" to explore the opportunity to work with the professionals at KMG.“

JT Carradice, CRPC®, CFP®

“I started using KMG after my father, a platinum advisor, passed away. While I serviced his clients when he was sick, the systems we worked so hard at creating began to disappear. During this time, we went from a four person office to just me! No longer was I holding down the fort and waiting for my father to get better, I now needed excellent systems in a big way. Needless to say KMG has been a huge help to me by revamping my systems, developing relationships and increasing revenues. To make this a short story, I can say without doubt, my father would be proud of what I've accomplished with their help."

Charles M. Evans, CFP®, CFS, CRPC®

“An Advisor who truly cares about his clients will seek to ensure that he makes and keeps commitments to them in each of the critical areas of their financial plans. I lacked confidence in our structure to consistently deliver excellence in this area and found myself doing a lot of worrying. KMG has provided us with the necessary systems to do so, and a lot less worrying.“

Micheal A. Bowen, CRPC®

“I purchased my practice in 2007 in which I had worked as an AFA. I knew what direction that I wanted to take the practice but I did not have the time nor structure in place to do so. I started to search for help in the practice and was introduced to KMG. They were dedicated to helping me growing my business by working with us daily on all aspects of the practice, as well as help with preparation for all our meetings, which would free up my time. For me, hiring KMG was the obvious answer and we have had a great relationship ever since.”