Service Overview

The expertise you need to proceed confidently

We are in an unprecedented time for transitions of financial planning practices. More mergers, acquisitions, sales, and junior-advisor takeovers are happening now than ever before. Most advisors will only go through a major transition like this once or twice in their entire career, and it is difficult for them to know what they DON'T know when entering a process like this.

All too often, advisor approach transitions with a pre-programmed set of ideas and "rules of thumb" that they use as guidance. We have helped hundreds of practices transition, and we recognize the key elements that are necessary for an optimal transition. In addition, we know several strategies for adjusting the terms of the deal when those key elements are not in place.

At Key Management Group, we do not focus on the price, but rather we lead with the question: "What outcome will all parties be satisfied with five years from now and beyond?" By starting each deal with a vision for long-term success, we are able to align both parties to a shared goal, rather than representing a deal that will ultimately lead to a win-lose situation.

For Sellers

Many financial advisors have spent years working in their business versus on their business. These transitions require them to take a step back and see their practice as an asset. This can often be hard to do when there are emotional ties to the people involved (clients and staff).

While most sellers have a great sense of intuition for identifying the right buyer, we augment their "gut feel" with a rigorous due diligence process that will help them consider all aspects of evaluating potential buyers.

For Buyers

Advisors who are looking to expand are often eager to buy practices that are not a great fit. We have too often seen arrangements that have not worked out in the long-term because appropriate measures were not taken to ensure the "staying power" of the deal.

Sometimes buyers need a non-biased set of eyes to help them "kick the tires" on a potential acquisition deal, and we certainly have the expertise, systems, and processes to help them consider all key elements before making a large financial commitment to buy a practice.

Key Areas Addressed


Service Provided

For most situations which include buying, selling, or contingency planning, we recommend that advisors first consider some of our other services including: Business Valuations, Turnkey Continuity Planning, and Advisor Legacy for practice sales ( All of our expert advice and guidance are delivered through those services for the most typical transition situations.

We offer our hourly consulting services for advisors who wish to discuss unique scenarios that fall outside the scope of traditional situations, or advisors who would like some extra help on various aspects of their acquisition and legacy planning. Based upon your needs, we can structure the time however you need to gain maximum benefit from our help.

In addition to our team of M&A experts, should your situation require legal expertise, KMG can refer you to our specific law partners and CPA partners who specialize in these unique types of business transactions.

Parties Involved

Advisor (Business Owner) and KMG Mergers & Acquisition Expert

Service Duration

Meeting: 1:1 Sessions scheduled as needed

Expected Outcomes

Confidence and Long-Term Success

Transition planning is very delicate and requires the careful consideration of many parties. We know from experience that the ultimate judge of success is the clients, and how the clients feel after their advisor's transition has taken place.

We gear all of our services towards what we call the "grocery store test." The "grocery store test" is simply our wish for any advisor - should you run into your clients at a grocery store several years after the transition, that they would express to you how well things are going and how much they appreciate the quality of the transfer between advisors.

How to Purchase This Service

Cost: $325/hour

We custom-tailor the packages for our Acquisition & Succession Consulting Service. To learn more about this service for your own practice, please contact us:

After learning more about your specific situation, we will provide you with recommendations for service and a formal written quote as well as our terms for engagement.