Business Valuations


The value of your financial planning practice may be your largest asset. Understanding what drives this value is critical to making good business decisions. Our M&A Experts have helped hundreds of financial advisors determine the market value of their practice. This information helps advisors become more strategic about their time, business investments, and future plans.


Service Overview

Calculate the value of your practice and identify key factors

Valuing your business is an important step to managing equity. While some advisors obtain a valuation to determine their selling price, our Business Valuation can be used for other purposes:

• Charting the value of your practice years before a sale
• Buy/Sell Agreements
• To facilitate succession planning discussions
• Acquiring practices

In addition to our standard financial advisory business valuation, we offer other specialty valuations for:

• Branches and OSJs
• Accounting & CPA Practices
• Divorce Proceedings
• Partnership Equity Agreements

To inquire about these and other specialty valuations, click here to contact us.

Key Areas Addressed

  • Business Management
  • Continuity & Legacy Planning

Service Provided

We conduct an analysis of your practice based upon key metrics and provide you with a written analysis as well as a phone consultation to review your results and answer any questions that you may have.

Parties Involved

Advisor (Business Owner) and M&A Consultant

Service Frequency and Duration

Recommended frequency is one time annually
Meeting: 60-Minute Phone Consultation

Expected Outcomes

Advisors will know what they could expect if they were to sell.

Our Business Valuation provides:

•Dual valuation methods - market value & discounted cash flow
•Customized assumptions based upon key practice metrics
•60-minute consultation to discuss the outcome of the valuation and recommendations
•Following the valuation, an advisor should be able to make clear decisions about transition planning, selling, eligibility for bank financing, and more...

How to Purchase This Service

Ameriprise Advisors: $895

We are pleased to offer special pricing of our Business Valuations for Ameriprise Advisors.

Bank Clients - Underwriters Only