Practice Management


About our Outsourcing Services

We know that there are two ways to make an advisor's practice more valuable:
1) Free up the advisor's time so that they can meet with more clients
2) Ensure that the advisor is fully prepared to have a productive client interaction.

Accordingly, we have developed our Outsourcing Services with those two goals in mind. We free up your time by expertly handling all of the meeting preparation activities, and we also ensure that when you go into the client meeting that you are providing high-quality, actionable recommendations.

Our financial planning team are experts at solving cases. Rather than just "writing plans" with cookie cutter solutions, we actively analyze, solve, and construct financial solutions for each client. We consider your client's specific situations, industry trends, account performance, market trends, product rules and applications, and more.

Outsourcing your Client Meeting Preparation and Financial Plans to KMG means that your clients will be receiving high-quality, thorough, and individualized advice. Our specific Outsourcing Services are listed below.

Outsourcing - Case Preparation

Client Meeting Preparation


Preparing for client meetings can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Unfortunately, many financial advisors conduct “just-in-time” client meeting preparation - sometimes while the clients are sitting in the lobby. This approach minimizes the opportunity for you to provide an exceptional client experience.

Partnering with KMG gives you the tools you need to create a more efficient and successful client-focused practice. Each meeting will be purposeful and organized, adding value to your clients' experience through better service. Our team provides you with everything you need for each individual client appointment.

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Outsourcing - Financial Planning

Financial Planning


One of the most time consuming tasks within an advisor’s practice is the production of financial plans or written advice that is provided to the client. While software packages have become more user friendly and streamlined, the amount of time spent producing the financial planning continues to consume an enormous amount of time.

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