Service Overview

Walk into each meeting with confidence

When you engage with Key Management Group for Client Meeting Preparation, you will very soon find that your meetings become more productive and provide a more complete experience for the client. All aspects of the client's situation are considered ahead of time so that you are prepared to offer actionable insights to their financial situation and answer any question that they may have.

One week before each meeting, our team of licensed specialists go through all of the client's accounts, summaries, arrangements, suitability, and more to consider things such as:

•Has the client's suitability been reviewed recently?
•Should the client make an IRA or Roth contribution this year?
•Has the client taken their Requirement Minimum Distribution?
•Does the client's portfolio need to be reallocated?
•Are there new products that the client would benefit from?
•Should the client realize any capital gains or losses this year?
•How long will their account sustain their current systematic distributions?
•Do any insurance policies need to be updated or reviewed?
•Is all compliance paperwork on file?
•Does the client have the necessary estate planning documents?
•Has the client received all written deliverables for the year?
•Are the clients fees commiserate with their situation and case complexity?
•And more...

After analyzing all of these elements, we compile the information into two parts: an advisor-facing piece that organizes the information and notes for the advisor, and a client-facing piece which includes a a meeting agenda and supporting information.

We work closely with each advisor to customize the information so these documents reflect the advisor's own unique style and presentation preferences.

Key Areas Addressed

  • The Client Experience

Service Provided

The Client Meeting Preparation Outsourcing Service includes:

•Weekly case study meeting to review all appointments
•Albridge portfolio management reports for each client
•Morningstar Advisor Workstation reports for each client
•Our proprietary Advisor Meet Sheet™ Comprehensive Advisor Agenda
•Our proprietary KeyPoint&Trade; Client Presentation

Parties Involved

Advisor (Business Owner) and KMG Outsourcing Team

Service Duration & Frequency

Meeting: Weekly 60-minute 1:1s between Advisor and Outsourcing Coach

Expected Outcomes

Exceptionally Productive and Rewarding Client Meetings

Advisors will find that each client engagement has depth and purpose. Clients will see that incredible planning and attention to detail went into each meeting. New business ideas will be presented by our team to help you better serve your clients. You will also benefit from our systematic way of eliminating common problem areas such as forgotten RMDs, clients running out of money to fund their systematic payments, and missed opportunities for qualified plan contributions. All of this will be considered carefully before you meet with the client.

How to Purchase This Service

Cost: $50-75/client meeting

12-month contract required, minimum of five meetings per week

We custom-tailor our plans for our Client Meeting Preparation Outsourcing Service. To learn more about this service for your own practice, please contact us:

After learning more about your specific situation, we will provide you with recommendations for service and a formal written quote as well as our terms for engagement.