Service Overview

Thorough Financial Plans Written in Your Own Unique Style

At Key Management Group, we know that a financial plan is not just a template with numbers filled in - a financial plan needs to speak personally to each client about their goals and situation. We work hard to write plans that represent each advisor's unique style and preferences, while also bringing fresh ideas and our proven strategies to the table.

We provide you with client-ready plans that you will be proud to deliver.

Our team is well-trained, and we are experts in the most advanced financial planning software. Each staff member has in-depth knowledge and experience with investment products. We handle several thousand unique financial planning cases each year, and so our exposure to different strategies is often more diverse than the that of the financial advisors whom we service. We bring all of our best practices to work for you and your clients.

Key Areas Addressed

  • The Client Experience

Service Provided

We know that advisors like to handle the direct interface with the clients. For that reason, our financial planning process takes over directly following the data gathering session. Advisors collect and review all of the pertinent information with the clients, then hand that over to our team.

The Financial Plan Outsourcing Service includes:

•End-to-end data entry of all the client's data
•Meeting with the advisor to discuss recommendations and strategies
•Revisions to the plan based upon the advisor's feedback
•Secure electronic delivery of the final version via PDF

Parties Involved

Advisor (Business Owner) and KMG Outsourcing Team

Service Duration & Frequency

Meeting: Up to 60-minute 1:1 between Advisor and Outsourcing Team for each plan

Expected Outcomes

Exceptional and Actionable Financial Plans

The financial plans that we deliver do not simply check a box - they provide real insight and real solutions to the client's financial planning needs. We strive to provide actionable advice that the clients can understand and enact to achieve their goals. Your clients will value the thought and attention to detail that is written in each of our plans.

How to Purchase This Service

Cost: $275-350/financial plan

12-month contract required

We custom-tailor the packages for our Financial Plan Outsourcing Service. To learn more about this service for your own practice, please contact us:

After learning more about your specific situation, we will provide you with recommendations for service and a formal written quote as well as our terms for engagement.