Quick Online Assessment


Our online practice assessment was designed for advisors who are interested in exploring our services but don't know where to begin. This assessment requires less than 20 minutes and is meant to provide a high-level overview of the advisor's practice to identify strength and weaknesses. The KMG team will then make recommendations to help you determine if our services are right for your business.


Service Overview

Review your practice in each of the six key areas

The Quick Practice Assessment asks a series of questions to evaluate your practice in each of the Six Key Areas of Practice Management. We ensure that your practice has the necessary pillars required to establish repeatable and scalable business processes. We help you identify the areas where you are very proficient and also the areas where your practice could improve.

Key Areas Addressed

  • Vision & Foundation
  • Team Management
  • The Client Experience
  • Business Management
  • Client Acquisition
  • Continuity & Legacy Planning

Services Provided

An Executive Coach will contact you to schedule a phone conference to review your results. The coach will use this time to provide insights about your practice and identify any KMG services that may be applicable for your situation..

Parties Involved

Advisor (Business Owner) and Executive Coach

Service Duration

Meeting: 30-Minute Phone Consultation

Expected Outcomes

Advisor will be able to articulate clear goals for his/her practice.

Specifically, our Quick Practice Assessment provides:

•An easy way to do a holistic review of your practice
•Customized recommendations
•30-minute consultation to discuss the outcome of the assessment

Following the consultation, an advisor should be able to make clear decisions about whether or not KMG services are right for their practice

How to Get This Service

Cost: Free

Please set aside approximately 20 minutes to complete