Practice Management


About our Practice Management Services

Our Practice Management team is dedicated to making advisors become as productive as possible. We focus on the very high-level strategy, vision, and mission planning, down to the granular details of how you schedule, execute, and record each client interaction. We adapt our styles and approaches based upon what you need.

Some advisors want help at the executive level with decision-making and planning. Other advisors prefer that we work mostly with their staff to manage the day-to-day activities to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. We have worked with hundreds of practices, and we guarantee that we can help you achieve new levels of success by using proven tools for strategizing, systematizing, and scaling your practice!

Our specific Practice Management Services are listed below. (For Practice Management Assessments - please see our Assessment Services).

Strategic Leadership


Our Strategic Leadership package was designed to help the business owner navigate complicated decisions on an on-going basis. We pair you with one of our experienced Executive Coaches who will help you get very clear about what activities are important, and which ones can be delegated. The core of this service is a relationship in which your coach wants to understand your personal goals and priorities and will help you achieve your own personal definition of success.

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Operational Performance Package

Operational Performance


Our Operational Performance package was designed for practices that need a little help getting organized. We help your team implement specific systems and tools to solve your biggest problem areas. Implementation of most solutions generally takes about six months.

Sometimes practices use the Operational Performance package as a way to get a head-start on goals they set following an In-Depth Practice Assessment.

Other times, practices engage with us for an Operational Performance package after triggering events such as:

• Integrating new clients who were recently purchased
• Defining roles and responsibilities following staff changes
• Implementing new technology to improve internal communication
• Transitioning clients to an AFA
• ...and many more

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Complete Practice Management

Complete Practice Management


Our proven Practice Management systems are the backbone of success. Every aspect was designed to help financial advisors grow their businesses. Our Complete Practice Management solution gives your team the tools, implementation, and accountability needed to run a world-class financial advisory business. In turn, you will add value to your clients, create a scalable operation, and increase the value of your practice.

Our Practice Management team works with you and your team on an on-going basis. We train your staff using our proprietary systems to streamline workflow, set up model work weeks, and assist with the assigning of specific tasks. Key Management Group's practice management team frees you from the details of running your business and allows you to focus on growing your practice.

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