Service Overview

Our Operational Performance package was designed for practices who need help developing and implement sustainable solutions for a clearly identified problem. Our team will work closely with your team for a six month period to focus on a clearly-defined goal. We design a customized solution with hands-on implementation and coaching.

Most practices sign up for an Operational Performance package after completing an In-Depth Practice Assessment. While this is not required, the In-Depth Practice Assessment helps to identify the practice's strengths, weaknesses, and areas of focus. We build on your team's strengths and tailor solutions by incorporating best practices, systems, tools, and technology that we know will work for your team.

Create sustainable systems that can adapt and scale with your practice

This package is also perfect for practices faced with both planned and unplanned transitions. Some examples of how we help include:

•A team member just joined or left - we will help you redefine roles, responsibilities and accountability
•A practice was just acquired - we will help you develop a turnkey client service model for integrating the new additions
•The practice is preparing for sale - we will help you get organized and make transferable systems
•A junior advisor is joining the practice - we will help you define roles and responsibilities that ensure a smooth transition
•The practice wants to move to a repeatable client service model - we provide all of the systems you need to put clients on a repeating schedule
•The practice want to shift towards more financial planning - we help you implement systems and tools to deliver quality plans on time
•An experienced advisors changes firms - we can help you adapt to new systems and processes based on your new firm's specific ways of doing things
•And more...

While the focus may be different for each practice, generally most Operational Performance packages are focused on the day-to-day operations with your practice.


Key Areas Addressed

  • Vision & Foundation
  • Team Management
  • The Client Experience
  • Business Management

Service Provided

The Operational Performance package includes:

•Individual weekly meetings with team members
•Customized model work weeks for each team member
•Defining each person's roles and responsibilities
•Staff training and accountability
•Tracking and documenting systems
•Implementation of a client service policy, if applicable
•Proprietary practice management software - KONECTâ„¢
•Regular educational webinars

Parties Involved

Advisor (Business Owner), Team Members, and Practice Management Coach

Our base package include weekly meetings with up to four team members

Service Duration & Frequency

This is a six-month contract

Meeting: Individual weekly 1:1s with team members through web conferencing

Expected Outcomes

A feeling of organization

Regardless of what specific solution we design for your team, the common response from teams who have gone through this process is that they had "a feeling of organization" afterward. We always focus on repeat-ability and scale-ability because we want your practice to be nimble enough to adapt to change in the future.

At the onset of the engagement, we work with you do define the goals for our time together, and we work diligent towards implementing the solution that can achieve those specific goals.

How to Purchase This Service

Cost: $1,500 - $2,500/month

Price includes weekly coaching for up to four team members + $300/month for each additional team member

We custom-tailor our plans for each individual practice. To learn more about this service for your own practice, please contact us:

After learning more about your specific situation, we will provide you with recommendations for service and a formal written quote as well as our terms for engagement.