Strategic Leadership


Our Strategic Leadership package was designed to help the business owner navigate complicated decisions on an on-going basis. We pair you with one of our experienced Executive Coaches who will help you get very clear about what activities are important, and which ones can be delegated. The core of this service is a relationship in which your coach wants to understand your personal goals and priorities and will help you achieve your own personal definition of success.


Service Overview

Unlock your potential with the help of a dedicated coach

Recent studies show that the financial services industry is becoming more complex: clients are demanding more, profit margins are shrinking, client acquisition is more difficult, compliance is more complicated, and the supply of quality staff recruits has diminished. These trends have led top advisors to re-evaluate their practice and make appropriate changes.

Since making these changes can be challenging, many top financial advisors seek the advice of a coach to guide them through the change process. At Key Management Group our Strategic Leadership prorgram offers an unbiased opinion on all aspects of your business and holds you accountable to your goals. Your coach will take you through a process that is similar to the financial planning process that will help you reach your goals and pursue decisions with confidence and clarity.

Key Areas Addressed

  • Vision & Foundation
  • Team Management
  • The Client Experience
  • Business Management
  • Client Acquisition
  • Continuity & Legacy Planning

Service Provided

At Key Management Group, each coaching relationship is unique and tailored to help you grow your practice based upon your personal and professional goals. Every financial advisor in our program has access to the following services:

•Monthly one-on-one’s
•Business planning and goal setting
•Organization and compensation design
•Proprietary practice management software - KONECT™
•Regular educational webinars
•Monthly KMG newsletters
•Behavior advice training

Parties Involved

Advisor (Business Owner) and Executive Coach

Service Frequency & Duration

Meeting: Regular 60-Minute 1:1s either in person or through web conferencing.

Expected Outcomes

Advisor will feel empowered to make strategic decisions.

Specifically, Strategic Leadership can help you with the following:

•Determine if you have the right team in place
•Ensure each client interaction is focused and purposeful
•Consider big changes such as acquisitions, mergers, or even selling your practice
•Establish professional alliances
•Tackle communication issues within your practice and address any "elephants in the room"
•Get organized
•Stay compliant and become proactive about documentation
•Look objectively a professional and personal decisions
•and so much more!

Advisors will feel like they have a true confidant, consultant, business analyst, accountability partner, industry expert and friend working for their best interests. At the core of this service is an honest relationship built upon trust and mutual respect.

How to Purchase This Service

Cost: $1,000 - $1,500/month

We custom-tailor our plans for Strategic Leadership to each individual. To learn more about this service for your own practice, please contact us:

After learning more about your specific situation, we will provide you with recommendations for service and a formal written quote as well as our terms for engagement.